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About Sonya Clark

Sonya Clark, owner of Sonya’s Day Spa, was born and raised in Bangor, Maine. In the late 1990’s, Sonya helped start a videography business that produced wedding love stories for many couples. It was during this time that Sonya realized that attention to detail and personalized customer service was so important to her, in any line of work she might choose. For a few summers, the time was spent videotaping weddings and receptions. In 1996, she moved to Belfast, Maine.

Sonya worked at MBNA for 5 years until her daughter was born, and then two years later, a son. Sonya loved being a stay-at-home Mom; she found it very rewarding. In 2004, when redeeming a gift certificate, Sonya mentioned her interest in skincare to her manicurist? “When,” she was asked, could she start school?” There was an immediate opening for a skincare therapist. Sonya went to school with the understanding that she would start working there immediately after her graduation.

Sonya was very excited to be offered such an opportunity but had to inform the owner that she would be coming to work for her with no real experience. “Sonya,” the owner said, “I would be hiring you because of your personality, your character, no amount of training or experience can give you that.” After graduating from Capilo Institute in Augusta, Maine she spent additional time in Boston at the International Dermal Institute for Skin Care. When she completed this course of study, she knew she had found her passion for skincare.

In 2006, her third child was born and Sonya “fell in love all over again.” How could she do well by both of these passions…motherhood and skin therapist? She decided she would leave the Camden shop (and the long commute) and for a time, be a full time, stay-at-home mother and homemaker. But like so many professionals, Sonya missed her work as a skincare therapist; she missed the joy and comfort she had brought to so many clients. She again talked about her feelings with friends who immediately understood and supported her need to return, at least part-time, to her other passion, skincare. “Why not have your own studio here in Belfast,” she was told, “and return to work at least part-time?” With hopeful enthusiasm, she began scouting out a location closer to her home where she could open a business that would best suit both the needs of her family and her love of skincare. And, indeed, she seems to have found the perfect balance!

“Integrating monthly skin care as part of a health and fitness routine is important,” she says, “noting that this means using professional services on a regular basis and making sure the products used at home are the best they can be.” Like all the best service professionals, Sonya brings together her extensive training and her life experiences; her clients benefit from both her ongoing education at the International Dermal Institute in Boston and her personalized attention to client preferences and needs. She has learned from experience that taking care of yourself is one of the most important gifts that you can give to your family.

Sonya recommends and uses only Dermalogica products. “The health of your skin,” she says, “relates to the health of the body.” A positive attitude and sufficient water intake have as much effect on your appearance as what you apply to your skin. A regimen of skincare – it needs not to be complicated – is as important as flossing and brushing your teeth.

This is not self-indulgence; simply put, “monthly skincare from a professional helps create healthy skin as well as reducing stress and enhancing one’s overall wellbeing.”

Sonya recently received this letter from one of her long time clients: “I have never left your studio feeling other than lifted in both body and spirit. You have a truly unique and loving way of bringing care and peace through your hands to my face/to my overall body and spirit. Thank you so much.”

Sonya’s Day Spa is located in beautiful downtown Belfast, on the mid-coast of Maine. It was originally called Sonya’s Skin Care, but the name was changed to Sonya’s Day Spa in 2020.